Fall Lip Pictorial 8

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So here’s a fall inspired lip that I tried.. For this I used a darker lip liner called Plum, Whirl lipstick, and All That Glitters Eyeshadow..all from Mac

First…fall lip 5

Prime the lips.. here I used the Mac lip primer so the matte lipstick goes on a little smoother. No need for anything really fancy, use whatever you like before hand just make sure the skin is smooth for a pretty application..most of the time I just use chapstick.fall lip 8

Line your lips 90’s style

fall lip 7


Then feather in the corners of you lips to give a little more depth and an ombre effecctFall Lip Pic 4

Go over the rest of the bare areas with a lipstick thats two to three shades lighter than the liner color you have chosen
fall lip 10

After that take a small dense brush, or your finger, and use patting motions to pack that color in the center of both the top and bottom lip.. FullSizeRender 10fall lip 9fall lip 6




Here’s the first fall lip I did like this.. I got so many questions about it at work i figured I’d make a pictorial about it.. what chu think?!?!fall lip 11For this look I used Bittersweet Lip Liner and Persistence Lipstick from MAC then packed on the Nars Albatross highligher in the center.
Fall Lip Pic 2Fall Lip Look 1

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