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 For my everyday skin routine i try to keep it fairley simple. I like to prime with the Ubran Decay Bronzing beauty balm, then the Mac Prep and Prime highlighter pen in bright forecast under the eyes and down the center of the nose. I love the highlighter pen because it color corrects darker circles and brightens but it’s still more on the sheer side, so i can get a nice hight light and glow without it being six shades too light and the formula isn’t very thick. If you have pretty severe dark under eye circles you can use this as a color correcting base to neutralize the uneven pigmentation, then go on top with heavier coverage concealer and the pen will help you to a avoid a grey cast that can happen when the conceal is too light over a darker area… Last but not least my favorite foundation is the studio fix fluid. It can be thick and cakey if used incorrectley but I like to use this on the outer edges of the face (thats where i need the most coverage) then blend inward to the area where the highighter was applied. This gives me a nice a balance of flawless skin since I’m getting that coverage where i need it but you can still see freckles and skin showing through leaving a a nice natural finish.

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Side note: Powder can be optional! not everyone needs it…. ex. if you’re super oily and using a really heavy coverage foundation then just use a blot powder to keep away shine without piling on another product thats just going to keep getting thicker. If you’re dry and use a tinted moisturizer and you like the way that looks then leave it alone. Everyones different there’s a million combos to get your perefect skin so don’t take just one persons word for it, shop around and see what works for….. I’ll be posting about other foundations and skin tricks, because i know that can be the biggest makeup struggle!

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