My First Bag From Ipsy!

I’v been really trying to branch out and try new brands. Quite a few people suggested I try Ipsy and eight months later I finally got around to signing up for it..


Im impressed! This full sized nail polish which went on really nice without a base or top coat, and  it wore for four days with no chips!

I also got this lip color from  Trestique and when I opened it up I didn’t think it was going to do much for me. I expected it to go on like more of a soft lip tint  but it actually applied just like a lipstick! It had nice coverage, soft texture, and only a little shine. ( I couldn’t find the actual name of the color anywhere on the tube)image

Eh…This exfoliating mask did not exfoliate. It’s also not really a mask either..more like a wash.image

I was happy to get a new black eyeliner because you can never have enough of those, and I remember thinking to myself “you can’t really mess up a basic black liner.”imageimageWell I did not care for this one. I wanted to do a quick smokey-eye by just smudging out a bunch of liner into a deep diffused look and it wasn’t happening.. I layered that liner for days and it just wouldn’t build. Then when I went to smudge the product it just all disappeared.

Called in for reenforcement and whipped out my Feline Mac pencil and finished the job!


I think I’m pretty happy with my first Ipsy bag. I wasn’t blown away by the products but it definitely wasn’t a huge let down either. Hopefully once I start rating more goodies the bags will get better with some exciting products so I can have something to post about!

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