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imageMastering the art of the winged liner is a never ending struggle.. Some days you have the mojo.. And other days it’s a hot @$$ mess! There are some small tricks that I’ve picked up along the way though that can make a huge different when applying your liner.


TIP #1: Look down into the mirror when putting on your eye makeup! (and applying false lashes) I tell this to my clients every time I demonstrate how to apply liner. When you look down your eye is already being held slightly taught giving you more control on the skin, instead of tugging on your eyelid.



TIP #2:  There are multiple ways to do a cat eye.. The way that I’ve found is easiest is to line the entire lid first before even thinking about trying to draw on that wing!

Starting in the center of the eye then working my liner out and building on the thickness of the liner gives me a little more control and almost creates a guide for me as I continue to build on the rest of the eyeliner. It also helps that this way you’ll be starting off with a thinner liner than you intend to have which makes it an easy fix if you get carried away!


As you build on the liner, inch your way further and further towards the inner corner of the eye, follow the liner through to the edge of your eye building to your desired thickness of liner…




TIP #3:  For a softer wing after you’ve finished the liner on the eyelids begin to slightly inch your  straight out from the top of your liner that you’ve just finished, to about as far as you think you want your wing to go…


image** You don’t really have to curve this line to get that winged shape.. the next step will add a little bit of that curved effect.. adding a curve to this top line could end up giving you that Cateye that looks like a Nike swoop… Ya know what I’m saying?


Step #4: Drawing a straight line from the bottom lash line, connect it to your top line..


..Easy Part.. Now just fill that little triangle in



Then you’re pretty much done.. But!!..



Don’t be fooled by Snapchat tutorials..There is usually some clean up involved! Any straight edge brush with a little concealer or foundation will nicely clean up the outer edge of liner for a cleaner look!image


There’s another way to apply your liner as well that I find the easiest…

……Pretend steps three and four didn’t happen..


Other Step #3: From your bottom lash line draw a diagonal line upward…

The longer you draw this line the more dramatic your Cateye will be.


“How do you know where to aim the wing?” The best way that I can describe is if you can imagine that eventually the end of your liner and the end of your brow were to eventually meet.. this is where you want to aim…

……Like this



Other Step# 4: Connect the top of your liner on the lid to the line that was drawn in Step three. Fill in the triangle thats been created and then you’re finished!


I LooOOove me some lashes so I always recommend throwing on a set of those!


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