A Little Trick for Taming Those Brows! 8


So I obsess about eyebrows… Who doesn’t in 2016? During my makeup routine I spend WAY too much time on just filling and sculpting my brows, but who cares as long as they’re on fleek right?!

The other day when I was working on a photoshoot I was trying to get this really natural but full brow on a model who didn’t need much done with her eyebrows but they just needed a little extra wow to them. I busted out a can of hair spray and spritzed it on a clean mascara wand and combed those brows up to high heavens and the crowd went wild!! All the models and hair stylists were blown away at this little “brow hack.” I didn’t think it was anything too creative and I figured it’s something a lot people have tried before, but seeing everyone’s reaction it made me think that maybe I should share this trick with all of you!

I can never find a brow gel or wax that actually holds more coarse brows in place all day. Maybe I’ve found a few that work nicely for the first hour or two but that’s it.

One day I just grabbed some hairspray and thought maybe that would do the job.. and it did.image

Just mist some hairspray on the want and comb your brow hairs up and up… and up.. and keep going until their as full as you want! image

This might not be too mind blowing for some people but it’s just a little behind the scenes trick from me to you that I thought could make a huge difference for a few of you trying to get that nice natural brow thats becoming more and more trendy!image

Oh yeah, you can find disposable mascara wands at most beauty supply stores! Sometimes even in the Target beauty aisle.

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