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This stuff was pretty good…
imageI’m not a huge fan of translucent powders and usually stick to blot powders… they just don’t seem to be a product that can be trusted on all skin tones so I don’t really use them on myself nor do I keep it in my kit. This Tarte sample came in my Ipsy bag so I figured I would try it out and it wasn’t too shabby! Before I could even get my brush into a full blending motion I saw the powder disappear instantly!

Translucent powder is  meant to mattefy and set makeup all over the face, or in select areas when used with a smaller blending brush. I think this one would work really well on most skin types. It’s soft enough for drier skin but buildible enough to work on oily skin without looking too heavy if you have to really pack it on… But don’t go crazy! I know there’s that new “Baking” trend going on right now that might look good in photographs, but that’s because its meant for camera or stage makeup! Not everyday real life. Keep in mind when setting your makeup under the eyes that texture of your skin is different than the rest of the face. SooOOooo if you’re going to town with a drying product under the eyes its going to accentuate any fine lines or pores which actually draws more attention and ages the the skin… Just Sayin

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One thought on “Tarte

  • Naz

    ok, ok.. This just might be coo. I see you Tarte. I really like my Laura Mercier translucent powder and I like that I can use it on my darker tone beauties. I love Sascha too. ( I think that’s how it spelled) great review on your little sample! Tell them to send some mo! Lol