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So for the last six months or so I’ve really been trying to master how to perfect skin. There are a million and one ways to go and everyone’s skin type is different. My go to used to just be mixing pigments or liquid illuminators into foundation. That usually does the trick but sometimes it didn’t feel as natural as I wanted it to or on more textured skin it would be too shimmery and make the skin look worse.




mixing glow 1

Then one of my besties told me a trick she uses where she mixes a loose highlighter powder from the Mac Daddy line into her moisturizer.. I took this tip and ran with it… and I think I love it!




mixing glow 5

This trick gives the skin a really nice natural glow that barely shows through the foundation (if using full coverage) but pulls through just enough to give the healthiest beach babe glow! It also adds a little coverage to the moisturizer, so I felt like I used less concealer and foundation.





Then I got a little carried away and mixed in a liquid illuminator and some loose glitter into the mix.. I’m not sure what I was expecting to happen but before I put on foundation my face and neck were¬†covered in glitter…It felt like it was 2002 again and i covered myself in glitter body gel! It looked pretty after I put on all my makeup but I probably wouldn’t do the glitter again unless I was doing makeup for a video shoot or something where you could get away with a more theatrical effect…





…. Besides the glitter incident I love this new trick! I think it will be my new obsession for awhile and it’s a simple step to add to the makeup routine that makes a huge difference!!!


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