NYX Butter Lipstick


image                                                                                                                                    Licorice Butter Lipstick



I really like this brand overall. It seems like they keep pumping out quality products with low prices  and their colors are always on trend! I put off buying the butter lipsticks simply because I can’t go a day without my matte lipsticks but I actually really liked the texture of it!  They’re not very high shine but they are still rich and creamy (like butter) without wearing off in two seconds!
image                               Side note: I think finally realized the power of a lip brush! I never really bothered with them because I felt like it was just extra work and people trying to be fancy when using them… wrong.. this helped so much with getting nice clean edges! Dark lips always take me forever to blend and smooth but this cut the time in half.


And in case you forgot where lipstick goes here’s a picture of me pretending to apply lipstick..because why not right?!

Products Used:

Eyes.. Brule, Brun (brows and crease) Soft brown, and Espresso eyeshadows from MAC

Nightmoth Lip Liner MAC

Ubran Decay Naked Foundation

Buxom Tahiti Bronzer

NYC Liquid Liner

Lashes By Lena


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