Rihanna “Anti” Launch Party Look 6


I have a tendency to try to do too much with my makeup, whether it’s noticeable or not. I’m just one of those people that uses 45 products when I could’ve used 4, so with this look I really tried to keep it simple. Rihanna’s makeup is always really clean and polished, even when she’s wearing a bold look her skin looks soft and natural. She doesn’t have 6 products just for her brows, or even a heavy contour. So this look is probably one of the simplest I’ve done in a long time! image


For the eyes I primed them with the same  cream concealer I used to clean up my brows ( nc42 studio finish concealer) then went in with Uninterrupted prolong wear eye shadow in the crease and under the eye. Then took Brownscript all over the lid, buffed into the crease a little bit and under the eye as well for a really warm blown out effect with the shadows, popped a little amber lights on the lid as well for that bronzed effect, then whip on a Cateye with lashes and that’s it!


Skin: Naked foundation from Urban Decay in a 7.0 I mixed in some of my concealer to match a little better because I feel like the naked runs a little beige-y and I hate that for brown skin! So mixing in a concealer that turkey matched my skin helped so it didn’t turn ashy on me


Lips:  Just Blacktrack eyeliner  image



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